Lyme Disease Review (learn more about Lyme disease and related topics.)

The San Francisco Artist Network offers inexpensive marketing and presentation classes for artists of all types through various Bay Area locations. Stephen Wagner, visual artist and well-known speaker, gives talks on topics such as creating effective artist statements and penetrating new gallery markets and using social media to bring in cash and publicity. The Artist Network exists to build collaboration and networking in the Bay Area visual arts world as well as to provide an educational resource. For more information about upcoming events and classes, please visit the SFAN website,

Amnesty International’s Artists for Amnesty website. In the near future I will see about linking Synchronized Chaos up with the Artists for Amnesty, as we do support human rights and freedom of speech and reasoned dialogue about potentially offensive matters rather than censorship.

San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness’ Street Sheet publication, written and produced in part by the homeless themselves and in the spirit of the original underground ‘zines. Synchronized Chaos encourages contributions from the many talented people who write for the Street Sheet and also encourages people to volunteer for and read this publication.

Art created by the youth of San Francisco’s Larkin Street Youth Center, serving temporarily displaced young adults. We encourage support, volunteers, and mentors here also.

Another Autism Blog, musings and thoughts from a very good friend of mine who is incredibly cosmopolitan, cultured and literate. He writes about his experiences being temporarily low-income/displaced, LGBT/FTM, and on the autistic spectrum.

Independent, talented Los Angeles photographer Alex Dean Grossi’s site. I’ve perused her work online and definitely think she knows what she’s doing.

Listings and reviews of many art galleries in San Francisco’s South Mission/Valencia Street area (and if you come up north please let me know and I’d be happy to give you a minitour of some of my favorite city art and cultural spots!)

SF Museum of Modern Art (many online features accessible for free to those all over.)

Don’t Forget Burma – (art in the service of human rights, people all over the world have found creative ways to get across the message that the Burmese deserve their liberty from the military junta.)

Burma Collective, an antifascist, pro-liberty, pro-literacy, pro-education group collecting book donations for Burmese refugees. I have emailed them for information regarding where to send book donations and will keep you updated.

Poets and Writers Coalition of San Jose State, of which I am a part, as I’ve gone back for a master’s degree in journalism.

Books Open the World, is an international literacy/education nonprofit providing books for Ugandan libraries and elementary schools, for children and adults. Their U.S. headquarters are in New Hampshire but they have accepted gently used book donations from all over, including from my alma mater, UC Davis. They also request small donations – $10 can make a difference.

Books for Kids in Slums, supplies books to Ugandan primary (K-7) schools and says that literally thousands of children might enjoy each book sent over. They have a Ugandan address to send the books and say that flat rate international shipping from a US post office should be only about $11.

Libraries of Love, headquartered in Texas, accepts elementary school children’s book donations at a school in Austin and also from people around the world. May be possible to ship donated books domestically to Texas rather than all the way to Uganda, I can look into it if people are interested.

From what I’ve heard the children love the books and get excited about them – and books in English are great as English is their official language and many Ugandans strive to become literate in English as well as other local languages.

P.S. If anyone else knows of a place to donate books closer to where they live (the U.S., Europe, Australia, etc) then please feel free to do that and/or post the info. This is all about encouraging people’s interest in reading and promoting literacy and the freedom to read everywhere.

Free Battered Women (artwork and stories of incarcerated domestic violence survivors, the organization publishing the inmates’ work supports a campaign to review the sentencing of people locked up years ago before we allowed testimony regarding domestic violence/self defense as a mitigating factor in courtrooms and who would undoubtedly receive much lesser sentences today.)

Free Rice – (free vocabulary quiz, cash donated to the UN food program for developing countries for every correct answer.)

Ivory Tower Webzine – a fellow webzine, this one has regular themes and more of a specifically art and literary focus. Very good, interesting submissions. Please feel free to resubmit work Synchronized Chaos has printed over a month ago if they allow it.
Help save the environment, one-stop carpool information site, compiles info from Yahoo, Google, Craigslist, etc.

Click for free every day to support various good causes: and (social projects in Mexico)

Cheap ($25) live opera performances in San Francisco’s Legion of Honor museum:

The Chabot Space and Science Center, where I volunteer and which hosts amazing, detailed exhibits on space travel, nebulae and galaxies, and the solar system, and which offers telescopes used by professional scientists for free public viewings.

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

National Novel Writing Month – public relations group inspiring people’s creative projects, get off your rear and finally get that novel on paper/laptop screen!

Equality Now – An international human rights organization dedicated to action for the civil, political, economic and social rights of girls and women.

Kids Need to Read – Inspired by the enormous amount of energy coming from their fans, Nathan and PJ established a program where profits could be used to purchase books for libraries in need. Money should never be used as an excuse when it comes to the education of our children.

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