Theano’s Day post in honor of Mirra Alfonso (The Mother)

Mirra Alfonso also known as the Mother

     The Mother was the consort of Sri Aurobindo Ghose. She was a Parisian of Egyptian descent. After experiencing many spiritual experiences she left to Algeria in 1906 in order to study occultism. In 1914 she left to India and met Sri Aurobindo. Later she left for Japan and returned to Europe. In 1920 she returned to India and lived in Pondicherry where she remained for the rest of her life. There with Sri Aurobindo she took on the title of the Mother. With Sri Aurobindo she worked on a new form of spiritual practice of spiritual transformation designed to evolve the world: that is to transform the entire planetary consciousness.
     For her there is a divine unity, in her cosmology, that is symbolically represented in the form of eight. The first half of the eight is the supreme that leads towards manifestation. The second half is Nature of the sleep of the unconsciousness. The top of the eight is golden which descends into prismatic and finally blue. As the cycle reverses so do the colors until they reach gold again. This cycle is eternal.
     In the vastness of the Universe the Earth is miniscule. Its significance is that it is the center of the transformation of the consciousness of the Cosmos. The Divinity cannot be harmed itself, but yet the world itself can be made uninhabitable making it no longer a unit for transformation. But through the spiritual transformation the world can be made to be the theater in the conflict between good and evil.
     The final goal of her teachings was to attain the glorious illumined body. This can be seen as a final and complete break of earlier teachings in mystical philosophy. The divinization of the body leads to the transformation of the world, that is the planetary consciousness. This belief leans toward the concept of a Messiah, but in this case not some external worldly savior. Instead it comes from within us. Thus we are all Messiahs.
     The future of the earth is to be luminous. The future of mankind is to be of great integral possibility. Despite of the violence and ignorance along with other possibilities mankind is to rise to divine possibilities. As the new man he will rise to all the hopes and dreams of mankind. Mankind begins at the origin then evolves into the higher self. The time has already come for the transformation of the Earth and human kind, there is no moksa or Nirvana or Heaven.  The Earth itself will be transformed.
      As for me, I am deeply indebted to the teachings of Haridras Chaudhury: a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.  Based upon their teachings on Integral Yoga he founded the graduate school California Institute of Integral Studies in which I am a doctoral student there.  Because of this I am grateful for the Mother and her teachings.       According to Dr. Jim Ryan, my professor of Hinduism, “Haridas Chaudhuri chose this symbol as he founded the Institute because it is a visual representation of his Integral philosophy. This world is not to be seen as separate from the transcendent Truth, but as an expression of that Truth in phenomenal form.     What is sacred then, is not merely what are beyond our perception, but everything that is present here in this world, all our actions, and our emotions our thoughts. The notion of the integration of body, mind and spirit are symbolized and indicated by the Sri Yantra, making it a perfect visual representation of the Institute’s vision.Thus am indebted to the Mother and the concept of Integral Yoga.
-Reuben L. Rutledge