Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

Adina Sara’s Blind Shady Bend

Blind Shady Bend is a wonderfully warm novel that will make you want to curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of hot tea or cocoa. It is perfect for this time of year as a gift or for yourself. Even though the story doesn’t take place during Christmas, I think it is the perfect book to read on a cold winter night. The characters come to life and you feel as if you know them. It is about Hannah, who gets a registered letter informing her she has inherited her deceased brother’s estate. She had no idea he had even died since she had not seen or heard from him in many years.  When she goes out to see the land, she finds a ramshackle house on overgrown property. Her life changes once she meets her neighbors. I know you will love this book as much as I have. This is a book that you will want to read over and over.

 Rea Nolan Martin’s The Anesthesia Game

WOW!! This is an absolutely breathtakingly deep book. It is mystical, suspenseful and exciting. The Anesthesia Game will not disappoint and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat page after page after page. It is the story of a teen who has cancer and is undergoing chemo. Her mother and father are finding it very hard to cope with it. Her father stays away working most of the time, while the mother has checked out mentally, emotionally and nearly physically. She consults a psychic, who winds up being an important part of Syd’s recovery. The mother’s sister does not believe or approve of the mother consulting the psychic. Then everyone starts having the same dreams of living in the past as other characters who also have sick children. The psychic tries to find the right amount of energy in her quest to heal the child. You will be riveted to your seat reading The Anesthesia Game. This is definitely a must read. I absolutely love the book and I am sure you will too.

Joy Coates’ Integrity

Integrity is a fantasy novel that is a must have for the fantasy lover. I absolutely loved the book. It will keep you excited page after exciting page all the way to the end. It is the story of Audra Ketchum who recently moved to the small town of Integrity. She has found a job at Van Campe’s Antique shop. When Audra is doing the inventory and moving things around, she finds an old book that has become wet from a leak in the ceiling. She takes the book home to dry it out and read the history of Integrity. If you love stories of gargoyles and magic, this is just the book for you. Buy it today for yourself or for as a gift for the fantasy lover you know!

Charles Markee’s Maria’s Beads

Maria’s Beads is the perfect gift for a middle school child. it is about a selfless girl who has a very sick friend. Maria proves what true friendship is when she finds out the girl’s parents refuse to call a doctor. she tries to convince the adults around her that her friend needs help. she s the perfect example of true friendship and being selfless in a world of messages that teach kids just the opposite. this is the perfect gift for your child, a friend, a school classroom or the school library. I absolutely loved the book and know you will too.
Jennifer Ott’s Desperate Moon
If you like vampire stories, you will absolutely love Desperate Moon. it is, in my opinion a different and unique vampire book. It is the story of Katerina, who was turned into a vampire 600 years ago. She marries an army colonel in the 1800’s who loves fighting and war more than anything else. She meets a doctor who very much interested in the research of blood related diseases. He begins studying her blood when he notices she heals very quickly.This book will grab your attention and imagination. You will feel as you are with Katerina as she tells the story of her life for the past 600 years. She has learned much and gained great knowledge of people and the lives they have lived. I loved this book because it is not your typical vampire book. it is exciting and very deep. It will keep you riveted page after page to the very end.