Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

Brothers: Of Britons and Romans by M. E. Taylor
This is a historical novel set in the year 102. Lucius Marcius is a wealthy Roman architect who has settled in Britain with his wife and children. His eight-year-old son Gaius has been very ill. Lucius has promised to obtain a boy for Gaius as a personal slave and companion. When Lucius sends a man to go bring in the boy Gaius wants, the boy, Verluccus, tries to run off. The man has Verluccus branded. Lucius becomes very upset about the pain that has been inflicted upon Verluccus. Verluccus runs away again when the opportunity presents itself. Nine years later Verluccus is captured during a fight, but Gaius returns him to Lucius.
This is a very well written historical novel that has suspense and intrigue. It will keep the reader interested to the very last page. I am sure you will enjoy Brothers of Britons and Romans as much as I. I highly recommend it. It would also make a great gift for someone you know.
Better Days are Coming: Surviving Breast Cancer by Marcy Browning
Better Days Are Coming is the true story of Ms. Browning’s struggle with breast cancer after she was diagnosed. She has written it from day one of her diagnosis, all the way through chemo, surgery and survivorship. It is a very detailed and touching account of how she went through the pain of her treatments and surgery. She had a remarkable support system in her family and friends. Her bravery in never giving up and staying strong is amazing. This is a very important book in the way of telling it like it is from the beginning to survivorship. This book is an amazing story of this very brave woman who is an inspiration to all. It can be an encouragement for not just those with breast cancer but any cancer. The most important part of the journey is having your support system in place, doing your research and trying to be optimistic¬† in the face of a horrible and devastating disease. This is the story of the hardest fight for her life to become a survivor. I think all women should read this. I very highly recommend this book.