Giorgio Borroni: Mixed Media, Imagination, Technology, and Thought

My name is Giorgio Borroni,31, and a mixed media artist. I draw using traditional pencil and ink, then I colour everything using Photoshop and add some digital effects. Many of my techniques I have conceived by myself. My art is a mix of dark, science fiction and melancholical mood with some ingredients belonging to comics, my favourite reading since I was 8.

I would like to show my stuff around, since creating could be fun or relaxing or tormenting or simply a waste of time but what I am looking for is feedback, people telling me ‘you suck’ or ‘you are good’ or ‘find another hobby.’ That’s what I am looking for.

You can see my complete gallery here

and my myspace is:

I usually don’t take commission, but if someone is interested in publishing or using my stuff as a CD cover or art book they can get in touch with me here: gb1977[at]


Giorgio Borroni was born on 7 May 1977 and he lives somewhere in Tuscany.

In 2001 he graduated in comic art at the International school of comics in Firenze.

In 2003 he got a degree in Italian Literature at the University of Pisa.

In 2005, after being finalist in a contest for RPG illustrators (Illustrare Charme) he published an illustration on a RPG sci-fi manual.

In 2006 he won the second edition of the RPG contest Illustrare Charme and published an illustration on the RPG magazine Weeping Willow.

In 2007 he won the third edition of the RPG contest Illustrare Charme and realized some covers for a RPG fanzine, Anonima GDR. Economic Community of West African States

In 2008 he took care of the edition and translation in Italian of Dracula by Stoker and Frankenstein by Shelley, and published an Italian Literature manual.

After a post grad degree in English translation, he’s now working full time as a translator.