Mixed media by Daniel DeCulla

Daniel DeCulla

Pic: Isabel G. de Diego


In Moradillo de Roa lands

On the banks of Burgos

Going down to Uncle Julio’s almond trees

From the Rita winery

Almost dizzy

 I saw a green monkey

On top of a branch.

-How handsome he is! I told myself


-Little monkey,  monkey

Where did you come from?

Look that you have courage.

What are you doing there

Uploaded on that branch?

Don’t you know you can fall

And hurt?

The monkey answered me:

–No, I’m not going to hurt myself

Because I have seven lives like cats.


There is a very pretty girl

That comes to see me

Three times in the week

But as you do not come

To Rita’s cellar

When she comes

Because Moradillo don’t like you

I can’t invite her

And I spend the day

Like an anchoret

Trying to crack

Some almond tree with the tail.

– Oh, idiot, how cute!

As you find favor with me

And now people are at festivity

Well occupied

I will take you with me

To the Rita’s pergola

And for some roasted black puddings

And some salami ​​to the wine

That I’m going to give you

You have to delight us

With some of your funny things.

-That’s done. But wait

My dear Daniel

That over there is coming

That little girl

And I want to see her happy

Making to her lovely things.

-Daniel de Culla