Mixed media from Daniel De Culla



Wow! Now we are ready and understanding of the Globe
Because People has the brain in the Ass
Saying: “That the blame for climate change
Ozone layers and other atmospheric niceties
As well as the pollution of the town or the city
It’s coming from the flatulences of the cows

Shortening the distance that in space or time
Separates them from the point where the speaker is
As in that sentence that sings:
“Between two ferocious stones comes a man shouting”.

The cow breaks air hole; John also.
It is coming the Easter of the Ass
Doing better and worse times fart.
Could it be that we do not realize
That the climatic changes of the time of Life
Comes from the Senate and Congresses
And the plenary sessions of City Councils
And Permanent Commissions?

The asses of politicians, of them and of them
Are coming here, there, there, seat.
What a smell of male farts
And the corrupted blood of Cunt
On the benches of its lordships
Trump’s Ass, for example
Going from the White House
To spend a few days in Venezuela
Or the Pope accompanying his ass to any place

And the submissive people say blessing the fart:
-Come with me. Do you want to come to the holy fart?
For world, coming a dress of flatulences is true.
Already, as children
We were taught in the sacred religión:
Kid Jesus came alive between straws
Being cradled in the Bethlehem portal
By the farts of the Ox
And the braying of the sacred She Ass.

That’s how he had to accept for good a Pope Benedict ¡
In Vallelado, a town in Segovia de Castilla, too, for example
“Where neighbors have an ear on each side”
How his heraldic shield sings
There was a Mayor, from another time
Who said at the beginning of a Plenary:
“There are five leagues of windy weather from here to the town.
The field must have two hundred cows and one hundred sheep.
Spinning of farts or farts are made from time to time
In the channels to serve as a signal to those who pass.

And I say, to the facts I refer:

That the flatulences of the cows have
Salient little vessels
And branched on its flat surface
That it is a pure Truth
As it confirms to us, again and again
World Health Organization
That affirms, urbi et orbi
That the condition of superiority
From one person over another
From one animal to another
It comes given by the wind blow of the tail of the cows
With equals the conditions of Life
Its coming and its departure.

In many cultures people adored and adore the Cow
And that because every one of our gathered good luck
Form the shell of an egg or fruit
That implies or offers advantages coming in desire
That is why we must open windows in the walls or walls
Put open doors to the field, fields or meadows
And make window to the ass of the beautiful cows
That, at sunset, are
As colored glass of the churches.

-Daniel de Culla