Mixed Media from Daniel De Culla

Orwell Farm by Daniel De Culla


We are fifteen friends, between women and men

To whom have invited to the Orwell ‘Farm.

It’s time for major elections

And that scream or cry so resonant

From the heads of the list asking for the vote

Rumbles in the streets, stables and pens.

This time, it’s something extraordinary, magnificent!

Because are present:

The Pigs’ Party

The Sucking Pigs‘ Party

The Fucking Pigs’ Party

The Dirty Pigs’ Party

The Hogs’ Party

And the Motherfucker Pigs’ Party.

We have sold the vote to each one

Asking for a good position

For us and our family

In the companies of the Ibex 35.

We are not voting, but yes of wine boot

And gentle aperitif

Waiting to make a hit with them.

In this confidence of reaching a prebend

Or a simple benefit

We play happily

Pulling on a table mat

An erotic die

With the obligation to fulfill each

With the luck that comes out.

The punishment for not fulfilling the fate of the die

It will be to give a blowjob

To a chosen wo/man among us.

So let’s play beautifully!

With this die consisting of six sides:

The 1: “You will do a service to the she Elephant”

The 2: “You will exalt the ass ‘ cock”

The 3: “You will sing a heroic verse to the Giraffe s ass”

On 4: “You will masturbate the Mule’s  member

Until he lifts his neck to Heaven with panache ”

The 5: “You will put the Cunt in the mouth of the Ass

Impelling your arseholo certain wind ”

The 6: “You will manage, for one day

The Sex Workers’ Block:

Mules, Donkeys and Jumentas

To whom men have good appreciation.

Did not give time to play at all

Because a big Hee-Haw made us stop

Forcing us to listen

To a Major pig

Who was the ruler, right now

The Farm Government

Who were they calling “Holy Pope”

Becvause always began his speech or homily

With these heartfelt words:

“A Holy Pope append myself I can”

And, before finishing his rant

That nobody listened or understood

He made a very pleasant observation:

“Here, in this endearing Farm

Give you an idea: our Farm!

There is only one Academy of literary scholars

What is that Donkeys’ Corps

That illustrates the nation

In the language of the Hee-Haw

And its resonant echoes. ”

“Vote, if you want

And if you don’t want, don’t vote

That here you will always be governed

With the Justice of the Ass. “

-Daniel de Culla