Photography by Mary Bartnikowski

Mary Bartnikowski, is an author, professional photographer, kundalina yoga teacher, mother, surfer, car-free connoisseur, global citizen, and creative motivator. She has traveled and taught photography all over the world. Check out her Website at

Statement from the artist:

“I was sitting around one day, my work was done, and I noticed there was no one to make dinner for. My son was riding camels in Morocco on his own dime when it hit me. I need adventure and the unknown. If he can do it so can I – it should be easier for me I’m older than him.”

“So now I travel, explore, write, shoot, teach photography and reflect full-time. My art is my life.”

Contact Mary Bartnikowski via phone at 650.327.9567 or e-mail

“I had a business in Palo Alto for 20 years shooting weddings, portraits, babies, CEO’S, realtors, and raising my son. But I broke free. Tired of high prices, stress, and no time with my friends and family; I became a worldwide vagabond. I sold all my furniture and stuff and let go of my apartment. Wanderlust is my full-time job.”

“I’m liberated.”

“For the past 5 years I have traveled and worked in 26 countries – with no plans to stop. Being a global citizen informs and deepens my life and art. Travel brings my photography, writing, and teaching all together in a peaceful, rollicking good fun, passionate and compassionate way.”

“Life is short we don’t know when our last breath will come; this makes me live more deeply. So be the change you want in life, breathe fresh air, learn how to surf both in the water and on land, touch people’s hearts not their wallets or achievements, be a friend, listen more often and see without judgment. Let your sense of wonder and awe guide you.”

“There is serenity in this. I feel happy inside my skin.”

-Mary Bartnikowski

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