Poetry from Ahmad Al-Khatat

Lips of Sweetness

Sweetness of lips talk nothing but kind words

as if you were reading verses from the heaven

when those lips draw near me in bed

I hear the echoes of lovers from the distance of moon

Back to desires, you are the first one

blue-eyed lake in dark, like your eyes all the times

I enjoy the rain because it spreads

your taste upon your skin below the red dress

This universe has moody seasons

people whisper to stand against our shields

close to you and my secrets become the

shadow to protect you all night

For you, I will drink your wine

and break all the bottles of sorrows

For you, I will inhale your scent

and damage all the pack of grieves

Even your perfume has a promise

to seek you with the beats of my heart

hopefully, I will turn myself into a

candle to hear your voiceless wishes


My Collections Over The Years…

When I was eight, I started collecting

Ants in a small box. I ate the crazy

Ones and kill the rest, for no reason

When I was ten, I started collecting

Spiders killing them right away and

destroyed their webs, for no reason

When I was twelve, I started collecting

Bugs and flies. I broke their wings

And watched them dying, for no reason

When I was fourteen, I started collecting

Autumn leaves to hide the dead animals

From the busy streets, for no reason

When I was sixteen, I started collecting

Lost words and tied them into free verses

I wore them over my neck, for no reason

When I was eighteen, I started collecting

Birds feathers to write from the ink of my tears

For Letters to my dead friends, for no reason

When I was twenty one, I started collecting

Numbers on my old phone. I never called a

lady from the club I went before, for no reason

When I was twenty four, I started collecting

Empty bottles of women scent, to smell

Them and pretend to be in love, for no reason

When I was twenty six, I started collecting

Empty cans of soda and other cheap beers

I gave them to the homeless, for no reason

When I am twenty nine, I started not to

Collect anything, only because I knew that

My homeland has no more space for my death.


Be My Shahrazed

I need space above the skies

To show you how much I improved

In loving you from the rainbow only

Because I was the dullest rain in the desert

Finding our way home is no

Longer, out of the question your

Heart is the most beautiful country,

It requires love and not a nationalist

Holding our two trusted hands

To walk across the broken bridges

It could lead my vision to a dream

to break the world’s boundaries

Since we belong to this toxic earth

We are cursed to death for no reason

Our days are hot as fire, and cold ice

Therefore, stay strong as the mountain

In the shadow of beautiful darkness

We are not the strangers to undress

With every breath you take from me

A flower in heaven blooms of your scent

Be my Shahrazed, and kiss my lips

Before the wind blows with red roses

All over your nude body to hide you

From my joyfulness and pleasure

Ahmad Al-Khatat was born in Baghdad on May 8th. Born in Iraq, he came to Canada at the age of 10 back in the year 2000, when he wrote his very first poem. He also has been published in several press publications and anthologies all over the world. And he currently studies Political Sciences at Concordia University in Montreal. He recently has published two chapbooks “The Bleeding Heart Poet” and “Love On The War’s Frontline” with Alien Buddha Press. They are available for sale on Amazon. Most of his new and old poems are also available on his official page Bleeding Heart Poet Copyright on Facebook.