Poetry from Isaac Adjei Boateng

Ike Boat - Poetrician On The Mic

Ike Boat – Poetrician On The Mic

Stars In The SkySITS <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

It’s about nature’s beauty,

To spot how its twinkle.

It brings night time identity

Even when the old grow wrinkle.

Galaxy describe its multitude

This depicts the higher altitude

Stars in the sky.


It’s among the lights of creation,

As it’s competed with the moon and the sun

But, they’re different in terms of position

No matter the shot of the gun.

Truly, the appearance is at night

Which always remain bright

Stars in the sky.


It’s small and big in sizes,

With spectacular white radiation colour above

When stared there’s no wizzes

Sometimes, it expresses and depicts love.

Thus, when drawn to show

Like how the stream flow

Stars in the sky.


No Peace Everywhere <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

It a Biblical fact, nation will rise against nation

How true this is, due to rumours of wars

The cause of it commenced with demonstration

Individuals run but not too far.

Do you remember those you were?

No peace everywhere.


How about the stubborn child at home

Who disturbs the parent almost everyday

They wish after school, he doesn’t come

So as to have no words to say.

But, how can he stay there.

No peace everywhere.


The spectators at the stadium

How the level of fun turns to hooliganism

As if they’ve taken in spoilt colodium

Fighting each other like the inner organism.

Would you accept this here?

No peace everywhere.


The Sunset Drive <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

As I stand in front of the house

I spot the radiation of the sunset.

So I sit quietly and listen without the mouse

Because, they’re safe in the net

Imagine the moving cars on the road.

When they’re tune-in without the toad.

The Sunset Drive.


Guess what, it’ll be nice to get bigger headset

So as to jump and dance to the songs on-air.

But, sometime it’s also better to be on internet

That also makes good and fair

This program is also informative.

And it’s also interactive.

The Sunset Drive.



The above poem is specially dedicated to Sunny 88.7 FM program dubbed ‘Sunset Drive’. It’s often starts at 4:30 pm broadcast from Accra, Ghana. 


The Rain TimeTRT <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

Oh, mine! Oh, mine!

When the weather suddenly change.

It doesn’t matter whether one is at home

Nor the trend of its range

The rain time.


Oh, jeez! Oh, jeez!

Sometimes, the drizzle is like playing an instrument.

When one can hear it on the roofing sheet

It becomes intense moment by moment.

The rain time.


Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Well, I can feel it when lying on the floor.

And the desire to sleep grips me

Even when there’s no open door.

The rain time.


The Natural Habitat <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

Imagine the fishes and frogs swimming together

Even in the midst of what seems impossible.

Nevertheless, they have course to cope with each other

In order to describe them as double.

The natural habitat.


Imagine the dogs and men living together

It paves the way to become more able.

Sometimes both can go farther

Good things come when one is so sensible.

The natural habitat.


Imagine the birds and the plane flying together

Each goes it ways to ease and ensure the possible.

The intervals make sure they don’t hit one another

Yet their sounds are very loveable.

The natural habitat.



The Cold ConditionTCC <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

Nature is often unpredictable.

So, it’s better to get ready.

Because, the weather is not stable.

Too much of its freeze can bring tragedy.

Man has no means to make option.

That’s why it’s good to pay attention.

The cold condition.


Some can describe its season.

Due to the alteration of the climate.

When passing wind and air chills, it’s the reason.

Even across the ocean, its affect the shipmate.

The newly born baby feels it shivers with emotion.

I guess, different races can’t embrace it sensation.

The cold condition.


Future of it seen remain uncomfortable.

          It’s determined by the concern forecasters.

Who have studied so they’re able.

Many of them are broadcasters

The certainty of it brings protection.

No matter the region of its concentration.

The cold condition.



The Thankful HeartTTH <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

That part of human,

Which is quite symbolic.

And performs diverse functions.

Be it inward or outward.

The thankful heart.


It’s associated with man,

So it eschews what is diabolic.

Yet likes to express appreciations.

Which helps to move forward.

The thankful heart.


How awesome to know even in Oman.

Where some describe certain things a parabolic.

Often in gratitude we say congratulations.

Thus, above all others stuffs afterward.

The thankful heart.