Poetry from J’Rie Elliott


“To be a parent”

No town is so great, for its limits to bind me,

No state is so great, that its borders define me.

No past is so great, that my future is halted,

No fear is so great, that my heart’s not exalted.

No friends are so great, that I’d not say good bye,

No friends are so great, that I’d make my child cry.

No challenge so great that I cannot achieve it,

No dream is so great that I cannot believe it.

My life is in motion, not stagnant in time.

My children come first, and then I walk behind.

I put them first and I make it clear,

That nothing will stop me—I have no fear.

I will protect them, I will sacrifice,

I will walk the hard road for their happy life.


By: J’Rie Elliott

J’Rie Elliott is a mother, wife, daughter, and accomplished horseback rider from Alabama, USA. She can be reached at dixiepoet@gmail.com

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