Poetry from Tony Longshanks le Tigre


*Infinite Denial*
What if we discovered a colossal number
beyond which numbers could not go,
so that what we had deemed infinity
turned out not to be so?+11+
*Poem Inspired by Diane DiPrima*
You are the silent architect
of a subterranean city
that will take their breath away
long after you are gone–Tony Longshanks LeTigre
The Death of San Francisco (?)
The yuppies say it’s overrun with hipsters
The hipsters say it’s chockablock with yuppies
The rich folks say it’s time to clean up the streets
The poor folks say the upper crust is gonna crumble
As there is safety in numbers, there is wealth
In acceptance, & strength in being humble


Tony Longshanks LeTigre is a hackerspace infiltrator, parkour enthusiast, urban exploder, disseisor, tosher, magick practitioner, amateur seismologist & general misadventurer currently attempting to escape from San Francisco, CA.