Sara Waugh’s 2008 Mutatus Series – mixed media



My multimedia works on paper are visual poems depicting the elements of life: birth, reproduction, the passage of time, transformation, and death. The imagery I use relates to these elements and is taken from botany and biology – seeds, fruit, plants, water, and parts of the human body. Life and living things are beautiful but also mutable and impermanent. I hope my work encourages viewers to contemplate time, change, and the life-death cycle.

 The images I create are inspired by my background in archaeology and science as well as my interest in gender and sexuality. This series, Mutatus, is inspired by the female form and the idea of regeneration and the natural cycles of the cosmos.  “Mutatus” is a Latin term meaning altered, changed, become different. 

 I work with a mix of media including watercolor, gouache, acrylic, ink, oil stick, and pastel on watercolor paper to create these introspective and dream-like worlds. The source material for the nudes in my work includes pornographic magazines and self-portraiture. I am interested in the art-historic roles of artist and model, and I enjoy playing with and challenging these traditional roles in my work. In addition, I am exploring ideas of female sexual power and the voyeuristic implications of looking at art.

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