Synch Chaos February: Corporeal Existence

The February issue draws upon the rawness, sensitivity, and complexity of corporeal existence. The mind and body are as often artistically explored as they are scientifically explored, from their organic and simple qualities to their abstruse elements.

Writing contributions: Contributions this month focus on flesh, blood, and intense emotions. We hope you enjoy reading the poems and shorts stories by some of our past and new contributors like Bruce Roberts, Sam Burks, Harmony Riedman, and Michael E. Swain. Emotional and physical consequences of love and heartbreak are explored in the writings by Michael Priv, Iris Grace, and J’Rie Elliott. The body connects with spirit and embraces physical surroundings in Laura Robert’s poems.

Art installations by Seiko Tachibana, Owen Schuh, and Dana Hemenway focus on the fundamental elements of the physical and natural world. Their work is very eye-catching and detailed as are the elaborate paper cuttings from Béatrice Coron.

Images are juxtaposed with dissimilar subjects in the unaltered photography of Jack Androvich and multi-dementional paintings by Robert Minervini and Frost Newton.

Paintings by Kristen van Diggelen and JJ Miyaoka Pakola are rich and intense. The artists experiment with linking concurrent ideas and paths. Michelle Waters’ paintings are also very visually rich and colorful, but also in a humorous and satirical manner.

Winthrop Prince and RUBYSPAM use abstract methods to express real-life occurrences in their artwork. Cathy Lu’s work signifies the equally ambivalent ways in which we go about our daily lives, from our physical experiences and interactions to our internal beliefs.

Paintings by Leila Cartier and Geoffrey Kington are not as superficial as one might suggest at first glance, but are rather sensitive and emotional.

Inspired by collected images with unknown history, Adele Crawford alters past photographs to create new stories.

Eco-friendly: Check out the environmentally-driven artwork by Tree Rivera and Christopher Reiger. If natural accessories are your thing, see the artistry behind Shanna Leino’s books and accessories, and check out Project TransAction.

We hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue!

Gloria Balderas
Creative Facilitator/Editor-In-Chief