“The Road to Forever”: A poem by Noa Mendoza


The Road to Forever


Maybe it’s the way we

Rolled like snow melting and trickling

Down burning cement,

Like wrappers peeled with

Sticky fingers

Parting, unraveling

Leaving behind red-herring skin,


Maybe it’s the way we danced

That one time, that only time

When we drank too much Red bull,

Crushed the cans under our feet,

And felt invincible


Even if we didn’t know what it meant,

We felt the cement

Under our toes and the

Faded yellow lines

Stretch like our bones.


Sugar rolling through our veins

Felt as real as the way we shuddered and

Bruised our knees, when we realized

We were closer to the gum on the sidewalk

Then the balconies above, and

The cement stretched before us had

The same topography as any other


So we pulled out a sharpie, and

With blue fingertips

We wrote