Poetry from Daniel de Culla

Parra’s Dog

It is the day of High Mass in the main festival of the town.
Donkeys, like deer, have gone alone to the source
Carrying water that flows from an hermitage.
Mules, in the ages, are getting used 
To ride some donkeys that live off the Brays
And from the sticks of their masters.
In the last chimes
Announcing the start of Mass

Happily Parra's dog
Raising its neck and wagging its tail
Sneaking into the church avoiding the kicks
With which some parishioners tried not to let it pass.
It stood in the front row, next to the main altar!
The priest who saw it applauds and cheers
Before starting his mass:

-Long live the dog “Eco”!
Look, beloved souls:
In no village, town or city where I have said Mass
I have seen his masters dog arrive first.
This must be a great joy
For a right-wing town
And for a whole country that repeats itself on the left.

What a dog is worth when it comes to Mass first!
Who would believe it?
Those devotees and devotees who, arrogant
Intending to climb the regions of the sky with their priest
Began to sing this famous tongue twister:
“Parra had a dog.
Porras had a dog.

Parra's dog mounted Porras's dog.
Porras hit Parra's dog with his club.
And Parra said to Porras:
-Why has Porras hit Parra's dog with his baton?
Porras replied:
-If Parra's dog hadn't ridden Porras's dog
Porras would not have hit Parra's dog with his club."

The priest, with some panic and fear
Filled his crop with water and quarrelsome wine
As soon as his mass was over, immediately fled
Giving away to the parishioners, when marching
Some holy cards and scapulars to pray.

-Daniel de Culla