Poetry from Umar Yogiza Jr.

Junkyard lyrics

The memories jerked up, 
so the butterflies flies intact
out of the raging fire

into your innocent catch

pours over your fears,

it's a moment of doubt
encased desires mount further

drying in the sunlight 
of your quiet innocence

wanting more of their less,
another history phased

& each history recognizes
more of only what it destroyed,

the old pleasure
repeated measures

Of unexplained things.

Hypnotized lyrics
of synchronized chaos.

The chaos’s embraces

Like hitting a thousand times
by a rocketing ice.

The first Alago word I lost
was 'elayaba'.
The word for there's more, I think.
Silent more. The more in a smile. 
The more in the tears I gave to my Allah
The day he took my mother.

Little more for my prayers than mouth, 
more doubt fleeing my eyes again
more remembrance of memories.


In the moonless anthology
of African contemporary poetry

flowers with the body of stone
have blood
& it pours like champagne gases

It's a synchronized chaos.

The government have ears in poetry.

Eight four soldiers battling terrorist
that stripped off their uniforms
throw away guns
& any military resemblance
& flee 

Celebrates surviving a masked war
after being dismissed.

In a war, right, they say,
lives near wounds, scars & grave.

In this type of synchronized chaos

Pulling what was lost
out of the death is impossible.


God's anguish derails down further
through the faults in his perfect system.

The Angel would come in flesh like a man
& the vultures would ask to be eaten.

Our tired tomorrows are taking a risk,
Ghosts too are taking a risk of coming back.

The mechanical beasts of the West strikes.
Things are quickening towards the grave.

The sun goes down quiet with hundreds
The memories rises as non-glitter sun

Yesterday, with a room for all chained us, 
Its mystery slices us under its charms.

Heaven glitters in the alphabet of Devil's name
& God became the cracked holes into the hell.

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  1. Good one, my P RO,North.But check the two poems for more work on grammatical Concord.I think our disposition to poetic licence should be handled with artistic expertise to avoid obvious abuse.Congratulationns!

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