Short story from Daniel DeCulla (mature content)


	To my beloved, who went out of nun one Sunday that we met at mass in "El Carmen" in Burgos, when we got into an empty confessional, without realizing the parishioners, to kiss each other ardently, I said:

--Later, I'm not going to take you where I live with my parents, so they don't surprise us. I'm going to take you to the Hostal Monjes Magnos, at the back of Calle de Vitoria, and I'm going to give you a candle where cucumbers bitter.

	She, ardent and ardent, as she was amazed, asked me:
-But what do you say, bastard? What does this mean "where cucumbers bitter"?
-Well, my beloved little nun, I want to say that I'm going to give you by the ass.

-You want to fuck your little nun, right?
-Oh, yes, yes! I want to put it in you until I kiss your Fallopian tubes, just me.

	Holding hands, with emotion, we walked down the street so happy. She, very happy, with her half-tearful eyes. I, happy and bouncy as a kid, with my bed love erect.

	If, on our walk, we met her friends, she would tell them:
-My boyfriend says that he loves me. I am innocent like the sun that caresses the seas. He is going to caress my lips and nymphs with his tongue and that tail of love. I want to give my love to his love.

- Good luck to you, they answered.
	She asked me:
And you don't have friends?
	I replied:

--Oh, no, no! I only have my cock. And, now, in this hostel that we step on, I am going to cut your mystical hair of the Pussy, wavy, so long and so beautiful, that they seem to be from a thicket of a Benedictine monastery, you will tell me when I fall defeated, exhausted from so much love:

-Hey, bastard, I want more!
-Come on, come on. Don’t stop¡

-Daniel de Culla

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  1. Enjoyed the off-center shifts in this narrative… right from the beginning, e.g.: ‘went out of nun.’ Great.

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