Cristina Deptula

Hayward, CA, USA


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Kahlil Crawford, Writer and Book Review Columnist

Riverside, CA

kahlil crawford is a veteran writer and painter rooted in beat poetry and abstract expressionism. these days his writing is informed by multi-ethnicity and nonviolent subculture.


Elizabeth Hughes, Book Review Columnist

San Jose, CA


Past editorial staff we thank for their contributions:


J’Rie Elliott, Associate Editor and Cultural Outreach Reviewer

Alabama, USA

Leena Prasad, Columnist and Reviewer

San Francisco, CA

Michaela Elias, writer, musician, and journalist from New Jersey, USA.

Megan Guernsey, writer, poet, and lawyer from Missouri, California, USA.

Michael Widman, engineer, poet, and writer from San Jose, California.

Jaylan Salah, freelance writer, poet, feminist, democracy supporter, and pharmacist – Alexandria, Egypt

Rhiannon Cox, author, anime and movie and kitten lover, and nature photographer – Indiana, USA

Frances Varian, writer, slam poet, performance artist, and health care access activist in Durham, North Carolina

Kelly Styron, writer, visual artist, and autistic and disability rights activist from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kristie Meyer, writer, visual artist, and educator about the environment and humane treatment of animals and children, from San Rafael and Santa Cruz, California.

Michael Schauf, cynic, dark optimist, mercenary for hire from Saratoga (South San Francisco Bay Area.)

Tapati McDaniels, writer, active in domestic violence education and suicide prevention, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Bruce Roberts,  author, teacher, sculptor, and winner of the 2010 Hayward Poetry Slam, with a set of poems about earthquakes.

Synchronized Chaos Magazine actively seeks interns from around the world to assist with article writing, publicity, book and film and music reviews, organizational outreach, web maintenance, graphic design, and other professional and creative functions. If you are interested, please email our managing editor, Cristina Deptula, at with Synchronized Chaos Internship in the subject line.

Cain after Murdering Abel – or, the French Contemplate the Universe

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