Synchronized Chaos is an interdisciplinary creative arts journal.

The brainchild of an international group of contributors and volunteer editors/facilitators. Inspired by the mathematical concept of chaos theory – the study of how to effectively model and predict the behavior of systems which seem random but are in fact highly influenced by initial conditions not yet fully understood.

We work with the idea of not-obviously-apparent logic that seems to emerge spontaneously from randominity – way to facilitate and promote something we hope will bring enjoyment and inspire thought, creativity, and empathy among readers and contributors.

Synchronized Chaos welcomes our readers and encourages you to peruse our offerings. We strive for professionalism, to treat contributors and readers with respect, to offer enjoyment, pleasure and beauty, and to inspire and motivate thought, creativity and love.

Unseen Chaos (po-te-kitea)
Unpossessed, Unpassing
Chaos of utter darkness
Untouched & untouchable

– Maori chant

Some of the inspiration for Synchronized Chaos came from the Cubatron art installation at the Burning Man festival, which takes place in northern Nevada every summer. The Cubatron is a cubic array of lights that randomly turn on and off based on a computer-generated randomized pattern. People stare at the grid for hours, periodically finding shapes, patterns, and all kinds of images in the flashing lights.

It evokes a discussion about the mathematical algorithms computers use to create randominity, and whether we can generate true randominity. Also, the Cubitron is a testament to the creative potential of our minds to find and create patterns where supposedly none exist, to come up with novel ideas and solutions for disparate circumstances.

That’s what we’re about at Synchronized Chaos – finding, promoting, and encouraging that kind of resourceful, imaginative thinking and helping people along the way as they decide how to harness creativity for positive good. Also, Ralph Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending is a piece of music we believe matches the intentions of our journal.

And what, you ask, does writing teach us?

First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right. We must earn life once it has been awarded us. Life asks for rewards back because it has favored us with animation.

So, while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.”

– Ray Bradury

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