Thanks for your interest in contributing to Synchronized Chaos! Please email your submission to with “Synchronized Chaos” in the subject line.

Synchronized Chaos does not impose themes or styles upon our contributors. People are free to pursue their own creative visions, and we are open to dialogue with contributors throughout the submission process to provide professional advice and feedback. With the publication of a new issue at the end of each month, we peruse submissions and create that month’s theme which we describe in an editorial introductory letter.

We welcome contributions from new and established writers and creatives of every stripe. We emphasize quality, craftspersonship, and building relationships with and among our readership and the contributors. We aim to publish diverse work in a variety of styles – photo essays, travelogues, digital artwork, dance, theatre, formal and free verse poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, humor, memoir, and critical theory.

Examples of contributions that would be great for Synchronized Chaos include well-written travel essays describing one’s experience in a foreign country adding a human face/story to what people may or may not see in the news, poetry re-examining or re-inventing old formal styles for modern issues and sensibilities, graphic art and design inspired by one’s technical, business, or otherwise non-traditionally artistic background, etc. Who we are and what we are about is constantly evolving and changing depending on the submissions we receive. All we ask is for contributors to put thought, time, energy, and attention to craft and style into their work.

We especially welcome those contributors who may not yet have found a home for their work in the publishing world – who prefer the process of creating to the process of selling and promoting their work. We periodically tour art galleries and attend writing events, and leave the names and websites of our contributors with gallery owners, agents, and publishers whenever we find a potentially good match for someone’s work.

Thanks again for your interest! You will hear from us very soon.

14 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Hello, my name is James D.Casey IV, and I would like to submit some work. I see the
    Synchronized Chaos October 2018: Aerial Perspective is posted. Are submissions for that closed, or should I send something for November? If so, what is the November theme going to be?


  2. Greetings from ‘Ike Boat’ in Ghana, West Africa. Please, some of my written poems are available on WordPress page so check it out. Thank You.

  3. Hello, my name is Olga Spiegel I am submitting my website to you, some of my work goes back to Psychedelic 60’s , visionary , Fantastic Realism, Neo surrealism and the Art of Pareidolia. I hope it speaks to you. My website is not complete have not updated the last couple of years, but if interested I can provide image through e-mail.
    Thank you for your attention

  4. Thank you so very much for sending this intriguing site! I look forward to following it and perhaps sending something worthy.

  5. A friend suggested I submit some of my occasional poetry and I’ve done that. Feels odd to share such thoughts outside friends and FB. Joy, sadness, and prophecy – with the death of a parent they’ve all come to me. I can only hope my words touch something of the heart.


  6. I’m offering one of my short stories, All Dogs Are Singers, as a submission.
    All Dogs Are Singers is the first of a series of four short stories entitled:
    What Follows – Stories from the town of Dos Cruces, East of Chihuahua,
    in the Sierra Madre.

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