Mixed media from Daniel DeCulla



The horde of farmers, ranchers and hunters

Are  called  as tradition of the past kaffirs and cannibals

Marching in a demonstration in Madrid, Spain

In defense, as they sing, from the rural environment.

What a deception! What a lie! What a great fallacy!

Clothed by the geese of the parties

That go out to the path of that place and another place

for killing the boar or the wolf, and thus get votes

Bring to my memory what they taught us under a canopy:

“That the hunting and bullfighting are peace and money

For the whole year”.

What a pity that fields are being rented to kill

And sand circles to kill bulls.

And they say, with the big mouth of Gullible Balls

That defend the rural environment, and things to kill

Because these are goods of profit

For certain damage of the cattle.

Poor Mother Earth! Poor living beings, and species!

How would I like to dip into a bag of green almonds

As it was done in Andalusia, the high and low

In both Castilles and in all its peripheries

Taking out the green almonds one by one

Throwing them at the head

So that all those idiots and drunkards

Who believe everything

As they say John Templado did

That gentleman went in his bag for blocks and pens

And for all the towns and villages of the Iberian Peninsula.

How I would like to go back to what really sticks

In defense and love of Mother Earth

Her species and animals.

I remember what an old woman told me

In the market of Barley

Where she sold fresh eggs; who was very hurt

By the poorly-managed farmers

Who took advantage of the hunt

And  threw their money on the floor of the bullring:

– Son, before Life was a bunch of green bouquet

And a white folded linen cloth.

Women milked the Donkeys

The men gave their milk to suckers and piglets.

We ate from the fruit that helps eat.

There were no banderillas to kill

Or hunting rifles to kill.

The vixen walking to crickets, and no –one priest

walked from door to door, to the kids’ eggs.

Justice hovered in Love and Freedom

And the thieves deranged at the wrong time.

Today, however, poor Mother Earth!

More wicked is the son than the father.

Do not do the same.

 Love the Sun and the Moon

Better is before tan later.

-Daniel de Culla