Poetry from Felino Soriano


burn this etch of modal memory


interior to what examines a self

of momentary


—of sound thus




triangular scriptures of


                             this          /          there




& with abbreviated timelines

my escape & wholly wrapped

knowledge cannot fulcrum

simultaneous to

a paradigm of parallels






& my legs are no more

more so



than the description


of my name


in the mislabeled










                              exhibitions, —





harp & halo


across          from          where          the          harp

expands its


shape, & like its

elongated purpose


                                 with vibratory hands



charisma         unusual to                 its calm


                                          mist of



Felino A. Soriano is a member of The Southern Collective Experience.  He is the founding editor of the online endeavors Counterexample Poetics and Of/with; in addition, he is a contributing editor for the online journal, Sugar Mule.   His writing finds foundation in created coöccurrences, predicated on his strong connection to various idioms of jazz music.  His poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology, and appears in various online and print publications, with recent poetry collections including Mathematics (Nostrovia! Poetry, 2014), Espials (Fowlpox Press, 2014), and watching what invents perception (WISH Publications, 2013).  He lives in California with his wife and family and is a director of supported living and independent living programs providing supports to adults with developmental disabilities. Links to his published and forthcoming poems, books, interviews, images, etc. can be found at www.felinoasoriano.info.