Poetry by Neil Ellman


(Roberto Matta Echaurren, painting)

Selfinity, 1995. http://www.nordstamp.com/artists.dir/matta1.html

Selfinity, 1995









Infinity, self

the self in infinite shapes

of past, present and future selves

never quite themselves

yet always somehow

the same

as if the self = mc2

constant, eternal and infinite

as if there were only

a single time and space

in which the self

transcends its place

in the infinity of its time.


Splitting the Ergo

(after the painting by Roberto Matta


Splitting the Ergo, 1946. http://www.matta-art.com/1945.htm

Splitting the Ergo, 1946









Split the ergo if you can

as if it were a log

splintered down its spine

in half

as if it were as palpable

as wood.


Split the earth

in half

as if it were a brain

with hemispheres

that reason and create

as if it were

a conscious thing.


Separate the universe

to equal quantum parts

as if it could be measured

weighed and understood

like a figure eight.


Let’s Phosphoresce by Intellection I

(after the painting by Roberto Matta Echaurren)

Let's Phosphoresce. 1950. http://onesurrealistaday.com/post/110769507302/lets-phosphoresce

Let’s Phosphoresce, 1950









Let’s phosphoresce the inside of the brain

beneath the consciousness of mind.


Let’s make it glow with the blue-black colors

of a blue-hot memory, like burning wood, caught fire,

or bioluminescent fish in the darkness

of a deep and irrational sea.


Let’s comprehend the evening sky, or try,

with bursts of red, yellow and green

as if they were fireworks on a moonless summer night.


Let’s intellect the incompressible first light

that bathed the universe, when it was dark,

and filled the cosmos with so such wonder and delight.