Paintings by Jennifer Wildermuth

Says Wildermuth of her art:

“In this world there are many places to see and many ways of seeing. I paint combinations of landscapes from around the world, which are not usually seen together. The separate landscapes are brought into a close relationship that unites them into a single expression that can’ t be seen in the natural world but rather refers to the world of imagination or memory. I choose to paint these invented landscapes to reflect and remind myself of the places I’ve been, as well take my memories of these lands one step farther into the land of wistful fantasy. These combinations cause me to reflect on the sacredness of our natural places and the curiosity to see even more of this great wide world.”

Current news about the artist:

She recently got married and spent a few months traveling around South East Asia. After she returned, she began a new series of landscape paintings based on those travels. She explains her process for this series in her blog at

Additional work can be found at

Artwork by Alexander Voitsekhovsky

Alexander Voitsekhovskiy is currently having an exhibition in Boston at 20 Estabrook Rd. Lexington, MA, 02420.  It opened Friday, December 10th, 6pm- 9pm, and continues Saturday from 1pm- 7pm; Sunday, from 10pm- 7pm.

The Artist was born in Moscow in 1964.  He worked as an emergency room doctor for ten years.  His hobby of drawing left him and many friends with a large collection of sketches.  Unannounced to him, his friends set up his first exhibition in 1994.  His work was an instant success and he continues to earn international recognition.  He has held exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Russia, the United States, and elsewhere.

He lives in St. Petersburg with his wife and two children.

You can see more of Alexander’s artwork at (Russian)

Paintings by Alex Luke

Statement from the artist:

“My intention is to provoke the multifarious nature of personal identity in the struggle and balance between truth and charade. Used theatricality—more specifically the tensions between the self, persona and audience—as a framework for transformation, I want to reveal and rework the conventions of role playing. The exaggeration of action, costuming and expression pluck the body out of the norm and recapture it in a moment of transition from veracity to illusion and back again.”

“In my current work I have appropriated and altered the icon of the self portrait to re-examine when the relationship between self and persona becomes convoluted. Repeatedly showing my own body, in moments transformed into iconic characters through costuming, suggests that personal identity can be distorted by variable persona. However, these moments are juxtaposed with the exaggeration of raw and basic human nature through the consumption of food. Cake is not only a symbol of decadence, but it also mimics and underscores the moment when the natural is disguised and transformed by culture.”

More artwork can be found at Alex Luke’s Website:

Art by Matthew Kowalski

Matthew Kowalski, an artist out of Oakland, California, has been painting in his Radical Relief style for the past 30 years. You can see more of his artwork at

Kowalski’s next show is Saturday, January 15, 2011:

A Brand-New Day
Conscious Collective
4148 MacArthur Avenue, Oakland, CA
3:00 – 6:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Produced by The Space

Statement from the artist:

“I create my Radical Relief art using found objects as a printing medium. Finding the objects I use is random and up to fate. I am driven by curiosity in my search for and discovery of these tools, society’s discards. I get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am turning someone’s garbage into gold and making my small contribution to stopping the waste running amok in our world. It makes me feel good knowing that everything we need is here, all around us; we don’t need to make more.”

“I love to see shapes layered on top of each other, knowing that beneath each form is a foundational layer. My goal is to make the one-dimensional objects on the surface come alive to the viewers, stimulating their creativity in their search for meaning.”


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Art by Cynthia Tom

Cynthia Tom is a visual multi-media artist, focusing on surrealism. Her interests in cultural and women’s issues shows through her work. She is currently the Board President of Asian American Women Artists Association. You can see more of her artwork at

Contact Information:

Cynthia Tom Fine Arts
1890 Bryant St.Studios, 302
San Francisco, CA 94110


Art by Henry Avignon

Henry Avignon is an artist and writer who has been featured in several literary and art magazines.

Avignon describes his work:

“My work deals fundamentally with notions of “material desire.” This is exemplified by an urge to “document” signatures of energy in medias res when such modes of desire are multivalent. To approach the exotic presences of energy on Nature’s terms is why I turned from painting to PHOTOSCULPTING – The principle desire being to let go of a degree of subjective control in the work, to shift the paradigm of creativity from the masculine to a feminine nature: artist as conduit and incubator of externally oriented and catalyzed life energy rather than internally rooted projections of an individualized imaginary. To identify, interpret, translate and present artistic forces rather than create from the limiting material energy of just my own sources of poetic logic. Keeping with the photographic tradition that one need document a moment in time all images then represent captures of processes that are unfolding in time. All Images are straight shot renderings of built environments. Only the manipulation, by pushing and pulling, of light is employed. The presence of burnt white is an important part of the aesthetic pathology.”

Henry Avignon

Art by Jamie Treacy

Jamie Treacy’s artwork was most recently featured as part of the exhibition Life: Expressions of Living, at the Adobe Art Center in Castro Valley, California. Treacy is a visual artist and teacher based in Oakland, California. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. See more of his artwork at

Statement from the artist:

“To retool, to reinvent, to recover, to revise. These are ideas I apply to the landscape in my works in the media of colored pencil, cut paper, acrylic and watercolor. I am  fascinated by ways in which life could persevere and reclaim once weʼve exhausted a space and abandoned it. To feed this fascination, I look for moments of natural triumph in the worn out spaces of the city. The work begins with a photographic gathering of textures, creatures and spaces. I then use my photos to build future possible world where life reinvents itself.”

Phone: 510-435-7301

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