Invitation to cross-submit to the 23 Press webzine (seems like a fun project ;)

Occasionally we at Synchronized Chaos find other zines or publishing projects we find interesting and help publicize them. The 23 Press is an independent media project based on Discordian philosophy, a free-thinking way of embracing chaos and contradiction as a jumping off point for creative thinking and personal growth, rather than brushing the chaos under the rug with some type of over-arching system that can too easily become repressive. Inspired by the works of Robert Anton Wilson and others, Discordianism affirms the individual and the local community and grassroots pragmatic efforts to improve the world and create/find beauty while having fun in the process. Many people were into Discordianism back in my college student/hippie activist days and it provided the theoretical background for many of our progressive projects and campaigns. You can read about Discordianism here:

Call for submissions to the 23 Press:

have  you ever written silly poems, surreal works of short fiction, discordian puns, or situationist epics? drawn ‘bob’ dobbs’ head, recorded merry pranks, written limericks or zen koans or flying spaghetti monster fanfiction? magick? taken photos of hot dog buns?  created any kind of radical discordian art? then oh please send it to us – twentythreepress at – so that you can be a part of twentythreepress’ first ever Discordian Compilation Zine! All High Emperors (everyone) who are selected for inclusion will receive a free copy of the project. 



Please send submissions to

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