Another shoutout – a very well-written, articulate liberal social-justice, ecological blog.

Shoutout to a social-justice and environmental blog, “Unmasking an Inconvenient Truth” (no direct connection to the Al Gore documentary) produced by fellow San Jose State students as a personal project:

I find this blog very well-written and interesting, and encourage people to check it out! Synchronized Chaos itself is not explicitly political (open to everyone with something unique and creative to submit) and encourages contributions from those of all cultural viewpoints. (i.e views expressed here are those of the contributors, and I proudly affirm that we have never rejected a submission. We exist to promote and encourage people’s creative projects and help talented people find an outlet, regardless of POV.)

When I come across other blogs or sites or webzines, I tend to make the offer to crosslink/cross reference, and I invite anyone else reading this to suggest creative projects for our blogroll.

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