Poem from Kahlil Crawford

KASTHURI Spawned from civil war; cocoa skin, purple crownand golden jewels emittales of persecution,rebellion, perseveranceand survival. The classroom is her laboratory –  emancipating minds from colonial constructions of misinformation. She’s a capitalist…in the truest senseof the term –deflecting greed backto the … Continue reading

Essay from Kahlil Crawford

WHITE EARTH REFLECTION In the land of Mnísota (Minnesota), the “Twin Cities” consist of the Imnížaska Othúŋwe (Saint Paul or StP) and Bdeóta Othúŋwe (Minneapolis or MPLS). These two areas are noticeably different in layout and structure. Modern MPLS, like … Continue reading

Prose from Kahlil Crawford

It’s always midnight beneath the viaducts… The metropolis is divided by viaducts – a disparate world where aerosol art is eroded by automobile exhaust and industrial rain puddles littered with man-made debris. Much happens beneath these viaducts – from the … Continue reading

Poetry from Kahlil Crawford

LE FLEURfor Bill Campbell I am a flower.My petals keep fallingto the waysideOne after another,one by one. Parts of my DNAleave my life,Shorten my stay. What is life?Seems likeit remains herewhile we departfor the unknown… place in our imagination.