“A Babe”: A poem by J’Rie Elliott


“A babe”

We celebrate in the winter—

Though he was born in spring.

We give gifts and greeting cards,

And of his greatness sing.

A child born of a virgin womb—

A gift blessed upon the earth.

A baby sent to save our souls,

Redeem us with his worth.

A guiding star did light their way,

And brought them by his side.

A lovely mother with her baby boy,

Sent from heaven to guide.

He gave us faith,

And gave us hope,

And walked upon the waves.

He turned our world from hopeless black,

And eternal lives he gave.

Celebrate this Christmas Day,

Sit around the tree.

Always remember to hug your child—

‘Cause it was babe who set you free

J’Rie Elliott is a mother, wife, daughter, and accomplished horseback rider from Alabama, USA. She can be reached at dixiepoet@gmail.com