“A Chance Meeting” – short fiction by Mary Ann Lerch and Ned Mock


Mary Ann Lerch is a Northern California financial analyst who loves aerobics, faith and family, and probing the mysteries of human psychology through her writing. She may be reached at mary.lerch@gmail.com and seeks publication for her short stories, including this piece, which she co-wrote with Ned Mock.

A Chance Meeting – by Maryann Lerch and Ned Mock

Folding himself in the large first class seat Harry yelled, “Up, up and away. Flying is great, so fast and safe. Excuse my manners, I’m Harry Hopkins and you are.”

“John Adams.”
“I’m going to Miami, how about you.”
“Miami,” John replied with a slight tremble.
“That’s great! We can have a three hour visit. Take off time. I’m buckled up and ready.”

John nodded but said nothing in reply. The plane left O’Hare and John held tight to the armrests. His knuckles became white. Holding his breath, he leaned forward.
“So what about you? You got business in Miami?” Harry inquired.
“Yes.” John looked out the cabin window.

“I live in Chicago. Going to Rio to sign a contract on a large suspension bridge. Been working on it for a year. Guess you can tell by my banter I’m a salesman,” Harry said hurriedly.
No response from John. He looked out the window at the disappearing skyline of Chicago.

“My friends call me Butch. At the office I’m HH249,” said Harry
“Mine is 14117.”

“Why did you hold on to the armrests and hold you breath on takeoff?”
No response. John picked up a magazine.

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