A New York Adventure – short fiction by Patsy Ledbetter

     Candace, Shelly and Tina stepped off the platform into the subway train.  They were thrilled to find seats available.  The New York Subway system was a maze of people, garbage and bumps. 
     The three friends were visiting Manhattan for the very first time and it was so exciting!  Shelly had been responsible for much of the planning of this trip.  Candace would go out and buy food each day and Tina concentrated on the shopping.  Just a few hours ago she was at Macy’s buying shoes.
     The threesome had been in New York three days so far and they had seen the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Today was reserved for a swim at Coney Island and a trip to Nathan’s World Famous Hotdogs.  It was a thirty minute subway ride.
     When they arrived, it was beautiful….warm with clear skies.  They headed off for the beach and soon met up with three young men from Scotland.  Candace and Shelly were twenty-five and Tina was 23.  They met Trevor, Fenton and Petar, also about the same age.  After about an hour on the beach, they took off for Nathan’s Hotdogs and it was  everything they hoped it would be.  The bacon cheese fries were delicious!  Shelly loved the fact that three men were devoted to making her day wonderful. 
The girls soon decided to head back to the hotel.  They would be seeing The Lion King tonight and wanted to catch a short nap beforehand.  They had five o’clock reservations at Patsy’s Restaurant on 46th and Broadway.  By the time they arrived at the restaurant in a taxi, they looked dazzling holding Coach purses and wearing Prada dresses.  Candace was wearing Prada cologne.  Shelly examined the menu carefully.  She decided on the chicken fettuccini, Candace ordered lasana and Tina chose chicken picatta.  They all chose strawberry margaritas. 
     Soon it was off to the Shubert Theater to see the Lion King.  Candace had a friend who was related to the man playing the leading role.  The show was awesome.  They all loved the music.  This had been a fabulous day!  Afterwards, the girls shared a piece of Lindy’s checkerboard cheesecake.  They flopped into bed exhausted and awoke to rapping on their door.  It was the young men from Scotland bringing them bagels and cream cheese with coffee on their way to La Guardia Airport.  The girls thought that was a very sweet gesture.  Candace offered up a quick prayer on their behalf. 
     Today would hold special memories as the girls had planned a carriage ride through Central Park with Tina’s aging Aunt Clareese who lived in a tiny flat close by.  They planned to meet her at noon by 59th and 7th Street.  Before the ride, they walked by Lavain Bakery and stopped for muffins and cookies.  By noon, they were waiting at the appointed spot to visit with Aunt Clareese.  In her younger years, she had danced on Broadway. 
     The foursome had a great visit and ride through the huge park.  They saw all the famous sights.  Afterward, Clareese suggested taking them to dinner at Joe’s, one of New York’s finest restaurants.  The spencer steaks, salad and desert were superb!  Back at the hotel, the girls shared the huge cookie they had bought earlier.  It was so delicious. 
     The next day was spent shopping on 5th Avenue and then off to be part of the Late Night Show TV Audience.  Shelly was horified to look in the mirror back at the hotel room and discover a dab of spinach between her teeth!  It had still been a wonderful day. 
Next day held a concert at Carnegie Hall and the day following, a show at Radio City Music HallOn Sunday, the girls visited the Brooklyn Tabernacle and heard the world famous choir.  The singing and preaching were wonderful.  Lunch was a mile high pastrami sandwich at Carnegie Deli
     On Monday, the girls flew back home.  The trip had been wonderful and now they could tell everyone they had been to New York City.

Patsy is also an accomplished classical musician who loves New York and high culture. She may be reached at patsyled@sbcglobal.net

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