Andrew Ek’s Illustrations: Movie Stills on Canvas


I am a self-taught painter. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh briefly for Industrial Design Technology. My paintings are crystallized visions that have surfaced or have been captured, usually at random, from a thought or emotion. The creative process begins upon viewing an image or visiting a place and I feel compelled to develop that idea into a painting. I am interested in the flesh and draw inspiration from the figure. My aim is to envelop the viewer into an unfolding narrative in a vivid cinematic context, similar to a movie still. I live with my wife and two cats in the Bay Area.

Andrew’s advice to other aspiring painters, and his inspirations:

I guess my advice would be to completely immerse oneself in painting and read every book about it. Study the masters. Practice & develop your style through trial & error and never give up.

The painters who have influenced me over the years are many.But here are a few who inspired me to learn how to paint: Edward Hopper, Paul Delvaux, Philip Pearlstein, the Pre-Raphaelites, George Tooker, Eric Fischl. 


Andrew Ek may be reached at or through his website and his work is on exhibit at San Francisco’s Artist X-Change gallery, in the Mission District.