Announcement re Spring Issues

Gentle readers: 

Editor Cristina Deptula will attend the Association of Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Portland, Oregon March 27th through April 1st. As a part of the conference, our magazine is jointly hosting an offsite literary reading event, with the Beyond Publicity panel, in which several people who have contributed pieces to Synchronized Chaos will read. This is a paired reading where more established writers create work in response to and inspired by pieces from emerging authors and people from the community who aspire to write, and then each pair of writers reads their work aloud at the closing event.

To be accessible to hard of hearing people and to further celebrate the written works which people will share on March 29th at the OpenHaus coworking space, we will repost them here on March 25th. This will be in lieu of our April issue and will allow people to access our magazine online and follow along during the reading event or enjoy the writing from afar.

Works submitted to April’s issue will go into a joint April/May issue.