Another announcement concerning contributors


Megan Ford, the daughter of the woman who painted “Nesting,” featured in our May issue “Finding Your Place in the World,” sings for San Francisco Bay Area theater productions and musicals, and has entered a contest where she covers a Taylor Swift song and has a chance to meet music professionals.

You are all invited to take a look at the contest and her entry here:

I would love to see this young woman find mentors and professional folks to market and develop her talent, as she’s been singing for years and has performed in The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, and other professional productions in the community outside of her high school.

Megan’s brother Michael creates graphic art – profiles of celebrities  and people he knows, along with animated characters of his own invention. He welcomes comments and feedback on his work, publicly available here:

He pursues art with great dedication, creating a new character or figure almost every day, and has improved steadily with perspective, shading, and other technical aspects of visual art.