Art by Junko Van Norman

Statement from Junko Van Norman:

“I am a self-thought artist. I have always loved art in my entire life whether as a creator or appreciator. I started drawing when I was only a few years old. I did not grow up in an artistic family, nor did I have any mentor to follow his or her footsteps, but I just liked expressing and playing with my thoughts, feelings and emotions whimsically through my drawings. I was a big daydreamer when I was growing up. I would spent hours thinking what it would be like if I opened the front door and saw the most beautiful tropical island on the other side, or what if I could build a house with a swing and swimming pool in a big tree….. While my mind traveled endlessly from one dream to another, I drew them on a piece of paper or built them with
cardboard boxes. Since then many years have passed, but I am still a daydreamer in many ways. In my art my imaginations still play the most important role. I also find the most enjoyment out
 of what I do when the stories from my imaginary world start enfolding on a canvas in front of my eyes. It is quite special, and I truly hope to share that experience with other people. My paintings usually don’t have any deep psychological meanings or messages behind them. They are a simple reflection of who I am and trace of my past. I just would like people to freely
interpret them in any way they want and have lots of fun with them. That is my mission! As an artist nothing is more rewarding than being able to give a moment of enjoyment to others through my art.”



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