Art from Jeongeui Son

My name is Jeongeui Son.
My major was illustration but I also like to paint landscapes, mainly with acrylic color.
I studied in university with a full scholarship for four years until I got a degree in art.
I began teaching art in school, mostly with kindergarten classes, meanwhile I had several exhibitions with others.
I am always fascinated by seeing things that have different meanings.
My artworks are basically grounded in my life. There is my spirit, my emotions, and my hope in my paintings.

I love myself.
l love the way I live.
I love even my past life which had lots of painful days.
I just love my life.
All of that is the basic theme of my paintings.


The mountain in the distance represents strength through patience.
The Cherry Blossoms represents new growth and birth.
The water that falls in the mountain flows down hill to nourish the cherry tree.
I can grow old in stronger like a mountain.
Life is circular.

The calmness of nature.
The water is calm.
There is my life, besides something positive around in the corner like my hope.
The rock represents strength.
Everything exists in the shadow of the hill even in the water calmly.