Artwork by Adele Crawford

“My love of the photograph began at a very young age, when I made my first album from loose family photos.  At that moment I became a passionate collector and interpreter of ephemera.  I collect what was once personal.  I activate stories through my creative process of dissection/alteration/reconfiguration.”

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“In addition to my own family photos, I search estate sales for portrait photographs from the late 1800’s to 1940’s.  These images, like people, have stories of their own.  They are loved, held onto, cared for, and also vulnerable to loss and detachment.  I am drawn to their patina, their timeworn tint, which represents an accumulation of memories.  Within the photograph are faces with past associations of mysterious extensions of unknown human beings.”

“As a reconstructive caretaker, I manipulate these images into new fabricated histories.  My transformative process incorporates computer scanning, digital printing, hand embroidery, beading, cutting, pasting, and painting.   The reinvention from old to new – motivates my work, questioning concepts of society and self.”

–  Adele Crawford