3 thoughts on “Artwork by Jeongeui

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  2. What a sensitive and beautiful painting this is. The great breadth of the lake gives the image a depth which somehow adds to the bleakness and also the beauty of a winter’s day

  3. A beautiful painting!

    I love the reflection of the mountains in the lake.

    I get lost looking from the mountains, to the snow covered trees, to their reflections and back again. It seems endless – timeless.

    You can almost sense that there was a blizzard late in the Spring that deposit snow on everything and now the wind swept lake is starting to melt which allows for the beautiful reflection of the trees and the mountains.

    There is a calmness after every storm.

    The painting also causes the viewer to pause, to reflect, to take a moment – time, to appreciate what’s all around them.

    It’s somewhat refreshing.

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