Artwork from Erik Stitt

Erik Stitt
Erik is an Artist and Illustrator currently hailing from Bremerton, Washington. He has lived all over the US but his primary upbringing was in the Mojave Desert just east of the San Bernardino Mountains.
Erik’s influences on his decidedly chosen style of Realism are the Southwest Region of the US and it’s diverse cultures and societies, Fantasy, Science Fiction and even some Horror. His personal artistic influences are just as diverse as his artistic subject matter. Those being Howard Terpning, Mark Rohrig, Morten Solberg, J.D. Hillberry, Drew Struzan, Keith Birdsong and Nick Runge just to name a few, of the ever growing list.
Erik brings 25 plus years of experience to his craft and renders primarily in Acrylic Paints and Colored Pencils. He loves painting Wildlife, Native American Portraits, Fantasy and is currently working on a series called Para-Pin Ups for the Paranormal Convention circuit.
You can see all of Erik’s work as well as purchase high quality Prints and Giclees at the following website: