Artwork from Jeongeui

Just Being At Peace

Suddenly I smelled a watermelon from the sea.
Maybe I miss my childhood-nostalgia when everything was just pleasant and happy.

If two people live life together,
there is much more happiness than loneliness because when two people are together, in everything

There’s a feeling of being one, not two.

Throw away haughtiness,
Throw away greed,
and hatefulness, and resentment, and the memories which sometimes makes me sad.
To live happy and beautiful, I ‘m going to have to throw them all away.

I want to be a woman who always misses someone whom I love.
I want to live a beautiful life with someone I love, become the only precious treasure to each other.

Autumm prepares for New Birth.
Leaves are ripening in Autumm sunlight.
I also am ripening, we all are ripening.
I learn to love more, how to be one for two or everyone,
also I’ll keep learning through life .
My body is getting older,
but I don’t want my heart which can love someone who loves me, to grow old.

A couple days ago,
The sun which I had seen covered by clouds,
It looked exactly like a diamond.
How breathtaking was that!!
I was lucky to see that moment.
I feel like that marvelous and  amazing moment has shown me a hint that my wishes will come ture.

And Winter,
Now I feel grateful, everything is precious.
I’ve had a hard and painful time by myself
It was for a long time.

A winter sun to the heart hugs me today too.
The sunshine is so warm ……………………….