Brett Matthew Axel’s children’s book Goblinheart, reviewed by Cristina Deptula

Brett Matthew Axel’s Goblinheart shares the story of a young creature who grows fairy wings, yet truly feels they are a goblin with claws. Julep’s forest dwelling tribe allows Julep to live openly as a goblin and do a goblin job tending to tree roots and even make claws. Julep later pays it forward by helping a goblin from another tribe who considers themselves to be a fairy and wants to live openly.

The book presents a message of acceptance and honesty with self and others. Goblinheart has a message relevant to transgender concerns, but the story could encompass so much more, as many of us are much more complex than what we look like on the outside.

Enjoyable book with intricate illustrations and a coherent story. Fun to read and just enough words to tell the tale of Julep!