Catching up with musicians and songwriters Bruno Ricci and Shanna Gilfix


Everyone – remember the musicians from California we featured last spring? We would like to catch up with Bruno Ricci and Shanna Gilfix, both of whom are still performing and composing there.

Shanna Gilfix now works with a new songwriting partner, Jeff Sterzer, and has relocated to southern California near San Juan Capistrano. Newly rechristened as ‘Shanna’s Daydream,’ her largish band sports smiley, enthusiastic photos on their new Facebook fan page, which you may find here, along with some new music: Gilfix and Sterzer have recruited several new SoCal folks for backup instruments and vocals, and pay tribute to their efforts on the fanpage.

Group members still describe their style as ‘acoustic soul,’ although fans who attended their latest show comment on how some newer songs sounded like American blues music. They’re still performing many of their classic ballads, such as “It Took Losing You” – and hopefully, old favorites which speak to the need to acknowledge and accept various stages of life, such as ‘Questions Never Lie.

They’re seeking the perfect producer to come and sign them – which hopefully will happen very soon.

Bruno Ricci and his band also offer up new guitar tunes for our listening pleasure, and still perform in Saratoga at the Blue Rock Shoot, a laid-back community cafe. Ricci took some time off while traveling out of the USA on business related to his day-job, but is now back to the South SF Bay Area and to the music!

Here are a few clips of him live onstage playing new original pieces, such as “Not a Friend,” along with covers of classics, including “Love Song” and “The World I Know.”

His music has the same soulful, gently energetic resonance to it that it always has – although the guitar sounds a bit more complex and mature.