Catvonhaufecooper, Left Handed Artist from Marin. Member of Artists and Poets for a New America.


Random gentleman I met at a MUNI stop in San Francisco who let me know he was a poet seeking publication when I asked for directions. He goes by Catvonhaufecooper and can be reached at 415-331-1461. Said he’d found that when he stopped pushing things and simply looked around him for opportunities, that the very things he sought from the world arrived.

Dreams Venetian


Legends and maps

With currents Venetian waltzing

With salt and sand churning

With gravity pulling

Arriving departing reliably

Upon light lunar clear


Laguna Veneta bocche di po

Waltzing churning pulling

Legends and maps

Reliably clear


Mountains and canyons

With currents Venetian rumbling

With sun and shade meshing

With balance holding

Vanishing slowly silently

Upon darkness still


Castello Franco Veneto, Vittorio Veneto

Rumbling meshing holding

Mountains and canyons

Silently still


Treasures and trenches

With currents Venetian forming

With silver and gold sinking

With ocean owning

Closing concealing mute

Upon mortality slumber


Mare Adriatico Golfo de Veneza

Forming sinking owning

Treasures and trenches

Mute slumber


Gondolas and canals

With currents Venetian roaming

With eclipse and tide yearning

As one sharing

Veiling unveiling softly

Upon sphere somber


Piscine serenissimi

Roaming yearning sharing

Gondolas and canals

Softly somber


Take Them Give Them


Dogs are one of the family

Everybody needs a mutt

Romantacy pit bull lives the life


Take them to the movies

Stroll them in the park

Take them to the parlor

Listen when they bark


Give them some advantage

A little behind the neck

Give them a name and a collar

Spoil them, what the heck


The grass I walk Paki

It’s called dog park

Dogs real eyes realize


Take them to the country

Let them roll in mud

Take them to a concert

Hope it’s not a dud


Give them a biscuit

Learn them how to sit

Give them a doghouse

Watch them sleep in it


Ever take a dog to the ocean

Salty water with sand

See flip dog paddle


Take them with you hunting

Let them off their leash

Take them to weekday funerals

May he rest in peace


Give them to your neighbor

You’ll be Mediterranean bound

Give them a pat on the head

Say you are a good old hound


Prota Punka is my sheepdog

Her favorite number is 3,283

Thank you Miracle Grow


Take them to the ball yard

Possibly one at bat

Take them to view fireworks

Ooooh, look at that


Give them a thorough brushing

Seven times a day

Give them plenty of water

Music they will play


Dogs are boys and girls

Male Karass, female Duquesa

Excuse me hardly nearly


Take them to the Laundromat

Observe tumble dry

Run them to the library

Novel about private eye


Give them a muzzle

Keep them out of jail

Give them a bone to bury

Archaeologists will unveil


Pipette is a silver poodle

Wears two top-know bows

Ready to go now


Take them to Hawaii

Six months quarantine

Take them when you’re camping

In case the bears are mean


Give them a birthday bash

Blow candles out on cake

Give them undivided attention

For canine sake


Surfboard Lost


One rage approaching

Fury of possessions fighting

Falsehoods told

Preceding the gods

Kingdom’s vegetable


Plants perennial

Creatures in motion living


White water wave

Wave white water

Water wave white


A surfboard I am

Skegs atop lost

Down upside floating

Debris splinters surround

Encountered trillions


Loft visionary undimming

Gesture wanes calm serene

Falsehoods bartered

Preceding the gods

Waters body great

Masses saline

Inlet insertions

Creatures in living motion


Wave white water

Water wave white

White water wave


A surfboard I am

Ruins fragments buoyant

Salvation away shrunken

Removed remote

By ocean current swept

Undertows tubular


Horizon unworthy descending

Image obscurity belongs

Falsehoods brazen


The Reign of a Poet


An emperor

One time ago

Desired to venture

The mountains high

To remain elevated

In the fourth season

Axis revolutions eighty


During his distance covered

Of the empire

Aspects prospered

Sufficient fully

All possible became

Homes of currency

Soil cultivation


Of public purchase


Hire reward


Moons eighty elapsed

High the mountains

Plummet commenced

State satellite downward

To the empire return


The emperor recurred

A rustic

His return unawares

Events unexpected

Astonishment struck

The emperor inquired

In my peremptoriness

Who is showing the way?


Language of imagination

She uses in converse

The principal is a poet

A short time ago

Act of falling

Empire began

From her body

Her head severed

With a saber