Create It: An article by Bramani Spiteri

Create It

By Bramani Spiteri

We have all had big dreams.   When we were kids, we wanted to fly or have x-ray vision, we wanted to be superheroes.  As we got older our dreams got more realistic, but they were still big.  We wanted to buy a big house, multiple cars, go to college, have a happy family.  We got out of school looking to change the world, make an impact; then our dreams got smaller.  We lost sight of the big picture.

Now, we go to work and just want to make it through the day.  It is a story that we are so familiar with that it is nearly an expected path; but why?  Why are we content to just get by?  Why are we not striving to get what we need and what we want?  Does there have to be a point where our dreams become small, our jobs become just a necessity, and our ambitions to create change become irrelevant?  The answer is no!

It is unfortunate that it has become culturally acceptable to go to work, dislike your job, feel unfulfilled, and be generally unhappy in your professional life.  Yes, making ends meet is important, but there is no point along your path where it should be OK to just settle.  Not only do you as a person need to consider the ramifications of such an existence but we must understand the impact an unhappy work force can have on the economy at large.

At a time when markets continue to decline, unemployment rates are high, foreclosure rates are skyrocketing, and inflation and interest rates are growing exponentially faster than wages, it is important for this country to look for answers that are not readily apparent.  The mistakes that were made in the real estate, banking, and manufacturing industries are obvious and, although the changes may not be as effective as needed, changes are being made.  But there are other issues, issues that are so engrained into our society that most people do not know they even exist.  Some of these issues include a false sense of entitlement, lack of work ethic, an overwhelming presence of denial, and an inability to cope.

A generally dissatisfied work force only enhances many of these other detrimental attitudes, but here’s the kicker: it is no one’s fault but your own!  Take responsibility for your choices.  Regardless of your circumstances it was your choice to abandon your dreams and settle.  Now I know most of us do not like to hear that, but it is the truth.  Which brings me to the message of this article; this is a rally cry.

To everyone that feels dissatisfied or unfulfilled, choose to change.  Define your dream, own your dream, and then make your dream reality.  It surely will not be easy, but it will be worth it.  If you truly desire the change you will sacrifice for it.

Now your dream may not fit very nicely into the life you have built while you were settling for mediocrity.  That means you have to be creative.  You know that at fifty years old you are not going to become a prima ballerina, but that does not mean you cannot dance every day of your life.  Use the resources that you have to make it happen.  Take classes, join a performance group that fits your needs, spend time watching ballet.  Maybe being creative means opening your own dance studio and supporting the next generation of dreamers.   It is this creativity that can help us turn this economy around.

Ingenuity has driven the American economy to new heights time and time again.  In this purposed grass-roots movement, the creativity begins with each individual.  You have the license to create your perfect situation, to make something new, improve something old, or just do something different.  Pay close attention as you make this journey; see how your creativity and passion become contagious.

As creativity and passion grow within communities we will begin to reap benefits as a whole.  Not only will creative thinking produce jobs, resources, and networks, but it would be nice if everyone woke up in a better mood because they enjoy their work.  Seek out your passion, nurture it, become it, and watch it become bigger than you ever imagined.

Create the job of your dreams; create the life of your dreams.

Bramani Spiteri is the coordinator of the performance arts network Soul Expressions ( She can be reached by email at and by phone at 304-282-6826.

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