Determinism, an independent movie project in progress on the USA’s East Coast


Determinism, an upcoming independent crime-drama film created by Pennsylvania State University’s Ranjit and Sanju Majumdar and New York’s Lynda Hansen, promises ‘gritty drama,’ and ‘suspense, action, and a lesson’ in the words of YouTube’s viewers.

The story concerns a South Asian undergraduate, grappling with loneliness, his family’s financial problems, heartbreak, and cultural pressure to stay a perfect, quiet, geeky straight-A student. Will a onetime robbery of a local drug dealer provide the cash he needs to escape his neighborhood and his seemingly societally determined lifestyle? Dim-light ‘film noir’ techniques set the mood for this piece, which promises to thrill viewers in the moment, but inspire them to think afterwards.

The directors began casting with people they knew, fellow Pennsylvania State students, and personally respond to comments from Facebook and YouTube fans. After a monumental effort while the Majumdar brothers still attended school full-time, they recently completed filming and just finished a trailer as part of publicity efforts.

Synchronized Chaos has requested review copies of this film, and in the meantime, here’s a link to the trailer.

Determinism trailer

If you would like updates on the movie production, you may visit the Facebook group here: or