Devotion by Patsy Ledbetter

The air was cold and it had been a very busy and rainy weekend. I had just finished four performances of a play I was involved in and I was very tired. I went to work with my special needs students and took some of them on a walk. I was pushing one man in a wheelchair and holding a blind man’s arm in mine.  All of a sudden, I sang out a Christmas carol….softly… sincerely… my day….which also happened to be my son’s 14th birthday to the Lord. I was so overwhelmed with His goodness and glory and beauty, having experienced the manger scene on stage many times. It wasn’t acting…it was real worship. I wanted to make my son’s day special, there was a lot to do and I was weary.

The blind man named Bill spoke up, “I’ll never forget the night of December ninth!”  He recalled with enthusiasm.  Then I replied, “What was December ninth?” “That’s when you all came caroling for us at our home, he stated.” Then I remembered. The Lord had burdened my heart to do just that. A few of my friends and I went to the group home where three of my blind students live and we shared a Christmas memory. It was blessed by Him and so it was very special. These blind friends of mine are able to see so much with their spiritual eyes and I thank God for them every day.

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