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Cat Tales, Kitty Capers by LaVera Edick

Cat Tales, Kitty Capers is a true story of the many antics and personalities of the author’s pets through the years. The first part of the book is the story of an elderly woman named Ruth and the animals she took in and loved. It is about the unconditional love that animals give to us and how they can teach children responsibility by caring for them. She points out the many health benefits that animals can provide to their human benefactors. This is a book that is absolutely perfect for any age group to read. I absolutely loved it. this is a book that will leave you smiling for hours after you read it.

LaVera Edick’s Cat Tales, Kitty Capers is available here from publisher Book Venture. 






Trees Unlimited by Clem Masloff

Trees Unlimited is a suspense novel about a man, Gimel Vexa and his daughter Lea. Gimel is a collector of valuable and rare leaves. He and his daughter are invited to Tochslvania by the plantation owner Mem Samekh. Mem has more sinister plans than to just sell his expensive and rare collection of leaves. Then Thav, Mem’s sister is taken hostage by one of the native aborigines. At this turn of events Gimel Vexa finds out what kind of a person Mem really is. Trees Unlimited will most definitely keep the reader engaged until the end. It is a short book but not short of suspense. Trees Unlimited is a perfect read for teen to adult. I highly recommend it.

Trees Unlimited is available here through publisher Book Venture.

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