Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

After The Ride by J.R. Conway
After the Ride is the sequel to Greyhound Therapy and picks up right where the other ends in a very smooth way. In After the Ride we are introduced to Kenneth Boutros who has PTSD and was placed on the Greyhound bus to Sweetwater County to live at his uncle’s ranch. When he arrives he finds out that his uncle had died and another relative paid the back taxes and bought the ranch and does not want Kenneth there. The sheriff finds out the reason is a major chop shop operation. The reader will be taken on a thrilling read that will keep him/her riveted to the very end. This would be perfect for older teen to adult. I found it to be a very exciting read and absolutely loved it.
From Religion to Science by Lawrence H. Wood
This book brings the subjects of religion and science together, from the conception of science as a worldview and how it differs from the basic fundamentals of the Christian religion. A lot of scientists are atheists and can’t conceive of any of what the Bible says as truth. This book is very interesting in that it states how life evolved from one single organism, according to the scientific explanation. This book also gets into the study of the tectonic plates and the movement that causes earthquakes. This book is filled with many scientific facts and explanations. It is perfect for someone into the sciences or just starting them. I, myself, found it very fascinating.
The Future of Nigeria by Michael Owhoko
The Future of Nigeria is an updated version of the original book. It has been updated to include new data on the economics and political forces on the people of Nigeria. Instead of moving forward as a country, Nigeria is lacking in progress. The author goes on to say that Nigeria is encouraging relapse instead of moving forward. The current federation in Nigeria is not working so that the country can progress. If Nigeria does not move forward it could collapse as a nation. The leaders must listen to the people if they want to see any improvement. This is the perfect book for readers who are interested in reading books about other nations.
Bitter-Sweet Sugar by Nowrang Persaud
Nowrang Persaud grew up in poverty in Colonial British Guyana surrounded by his very loving extended family. This is his autobiography, starting from when he was young and living in poverty through his adulthood and how he worked hard to climb out of poverty. He has great respect and love for his mother who worked hard as a weeder on the estate to take care of all of the children and husband. When his father became a driver, they were able to move into an independent house. They finally had floors and a bathroom in their home. This is the story of how Nowrang worked hard and persevered to become a teacher and work for the UN and other very important jobs. This is a very uplifting and interesting story of his life. He overcame so many hardships with hard work and pure determination. I found it very interesting and can honestly highly recommend it.
The Lumpa Rupper by Tina Heinrich
The Lumpa Rupper is an extremely cute children’s book. It is about a Dachshund named Fee Bee but also called Fee Fee who is very mischievous. The illustrations are bright and children will be excited to look at them. They will love the story and will want to have this read to them over and over. I absolutely loved this and very highly recommend it.
The Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead
This is also another cute book by Tina Heinrich. The illustrations in this one were drawn by her son when he was 10 years old. It is the true story of their hen house and the two chickens that made it and hatched. Little children will absolutely love the drawings and the story itself. I also found this one very delightful and highly recommend it.