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The Unseen Blossom by Zlaikha Y. Samad and L’Mere Younossi

Zlaikha Y. Samad and L'Mere Younossi's book The Unseen Blossom. Red title against a white background, fig sprout with green leaves coming from dirt in the shape of a heart.
L’Mere Younossi and Zlaikha Y. Samad’s The Unseen Blossom

The Unseen Blossom is a story that is both magical and a love story. The story is about Princess Zuli and Lamar, a shoemaker in Kabul. They are both chosen to go on an enchanted journey to find the elusive blossom of the Fig Tree. Along the way they go through gardens of enchanted trees, plants, animals and fish. They have realized that in another life, their souls have been interwoven to be soulmates for eternity. Their role is to learn how to bring unity and peace to their world. This is the most wonderful and delightful story that is perfect for any age. The message in the book is completely relevant in today’s world. We can all learn from its message of unity, peace and love.

The Unseen Blossom is available here.